I know there are many reasons why finding time for yourself is complicated. Work, responsibilities, events, family all take up a lot of time.  Also, I feel that there is a “busy” mentality that exists in our culture.  Being “busy” means you are hard working.  But being “busy” also means that your mind is constantly whirling.  I currently am reading “Breakfast with Buddha” and the books references a busy mind as a water and dirt that has been stirred up. Where, once the dirt settles, the water is clear and the mind can see clearly.

We know self care helps us clear our minds and take care of ourselves, but there are so many types of self care, some easy and some complicated.  For example, I love to watch TV.  I am often exhausted after work and will just want to lay on the couch.  On some days that is my act of self care. But in the long run, it is not helping my growth.  Additionally, I may want pizza because it tastes good  (yolo, treat yo self).  But pizza does not always make my body feel great.

I think complicated self care is an area that I need to explore more often.  It is active, purposeful activities that are not always “easy” to do.  Taking a long bath with epsom salts and oils is one of my self care acts.  But sometimes it feels like so much work, so I opt for an easy self care option (TV, Food).  While these work great in the short term and I definitely don’t think I will eveer be a no TV, no junk food person, they often don’t give as much support as a more complicated form of self care.