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No Chaturanga.. No way!

On Sunday, I went to yoga and didn’t do a single chaturanga… Say whhhaaaaat?? Oh and I still got a good workout. I take my yoga classes at CorePower Yoga and usually take the C2 class, which is a vinyasa… Continue Reading →

This is Us #2 Refection

Where are my This is Us fans out there??🙌🏼 It’s such a great show and this week I caught up on the last 4 episodes. Kate’s episode (Number 2) really hit home with me. If you haven’t watched it and… Continue Reading →

It’s been a week!

We have a baby!!!! Disbelief and pure joy are the main emotions I am feeling. We have wanted this for so long and it is finally here. I have so much gratitude for baby M, for our adoption experience, for… Continue Reading →

“Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’..”

One more day (and 1 hour and 40 min).  It is so nerve racking!!! I texted the birth parents 25 minutes ago to see if we could visit baby M today and they haven’t responded yet! I know a response… Continue Reading →

“Waiting is the hardest part…”

This Christmas Eve we find ourselves waiting to see if our adoption plan will go through. We find out Wednesday at 1:30. Today is Sunday. Christmas Eve. It takes me back to 3 years ago where we were waiting too…. Continue Reading →

Manifest feelings

I just finished reading “White Hot Truth” by Danielle Laporte. I definitely recommend it! One section on manifesting made me thinking about our journey towards our child. Danielle says that it is more important you pray for the feelings you… Continue Reading →

Morning Routine

Hello all! I recently just went back to work and knew I was going to miss my summer mornings. I listened to a blog post from “truth and dare: female empowerment” where they discussed morning routines and that inspired me… Continue Reading →

It’s official! 

We are a “waiting family”! We have completed our homestudy and are on the waiting list, which can be an average of 12-18 months! As we embark on this exciting journey,we would greatly appreciate your prayers, good vibes, love, support,… Continue Reading →

Meditations from the mat day 1

Hello! A few months ago, I began reading the book Meditations from the Mat.  The book explains the foundations of yoga, how it is integrated in the western and modern world, and how the teachings can apply to day to… Continue Reading →

Letter to my friends with kids.

Dearest friend with kids,  I love you. I know I have been absent lately and have not been as involved in your life. I’m sorry. I wish I was there right after each of your children were born! I wish… Continue Reading →

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