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Some days are like that…. in my yoga practice

I’m on vacation and attended a great yoga studio in Hilton Head called Jiva yoga studio! I love the instructors and the studio vibe, but this AM my body was just not having it. Every pose felt like extra work… Continue Reading →

High Anxiety

I struggle with anxiety and then from the anxiety, depression. It started when I was in college, although I am realizing I have been pretty anxious and careful my whole life. I currently take medicine, go to therapy, and do… Continue Reading →


We found out yesterday….. our home study was approved!!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 as soon as they get our photo book and money, we are a waiting family!!! 

Infertility causality: body image

One of the many delights of not being able to conceive is a general feeling of dislike and/or distrust of your body.  In my experience, if you have had any body issues prior to this, it intensifies them. I have… Continue Reading →

Hanging out with fertile myrtles

I know this post is going to sound snarky.  My heart knows and understands my friends and how their life has changed as a mom. My core being respects that, but sometimes a girls gotta vent about those times when… Continue Reading →

Right Here, Right Now

It’s complicated in some ways for me to share our story, as part of me wants to reflect and share on our past and another part wants to share with you where we are right now. So in a very… Continue Reading →

Beauty everywhere 

I love taking pictures of the sky on a beautiful day. It calms me when my anxiety is running at full speed! Here are some of my pictures (not a photographer at all) that help me get my zen on. 

Flashbacks to my infertility story part 2

When we left off, my husband and I just began to start our fertility treatments.  Welcome to #flashback to fertility treatments episode 2: The IUI.  Our first adventure in fertility treatments was an IUI. I was put on Clomid and… Continue Reading →

Restorative yoga and announcement 

Lately, I have been taking a restorative yoga class, as I have been having awful foot pain and chronic back pain.  I have gone a few times and I love it.! Caterpillar pose and me are BFFs now.  For those… Continue Reading →

More of the OM

I’ve noticed that I have been talking a lot more of the “oven” aka fertility and less of the OM aka the yoga. So today=my OM Yoga has been a journey for me. On my mat I have encountered many… Continue Reading →

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