As mentioned in my earlier post, I went to my first hot yoga class today since beginning stims about a month ago.  Oh, how I missed it.  There is nothing better than getting back on your mat.  The instructor did a nice job setting an intention at the beginning of the class. I LOVE when classes have a spiritual focus or offer an intention.  She asked us to pay attention, to be present, to notice each movement. To think about the movement rather than the action.  She went on to explain that so much of our life is spent in auto pilot and how we need to tune in.  The class began with a flow and several vinyasas.  After 3-4 weeks of 0 chaturangas, my arms could definitely feel it.  I cannot express how good it felt to flow between high plank, low plank, up dog, and down dog.  So freeing and so powerful (minus the fact that my arms were shaking from lack of use this IVF cycle).  After we went through several Sun As and Sun Bs, we began to do some balancing poses. Ever since I sprained my ankles (1 in December and the other in February), balancing has been difficult.  Getting back in the flow of things (see what I did there…) felt great.  It inspired me to *try* to practice every day.  We will see how that goes.  Going through infertility treatments can really separate you from the things that you love.  Its so great to reconnect with the others parts of me besides being a pin cushion and egg factory (an unsuccessful egg factory..).  That’s all for tonight.  The light and love in me honors and respects the light and love in you.


xo, M