When we left off, my husband and I just began to start our fertility treatments. 

Welcome to #flashback to fertility treatments episode 2: The IUI. 

Our first adventure in fertility treatments was an IUI. I was put on Clomid and began to develop some nice looking follicles.  They don’t over monitor you during the stim process for an IUI, so it was pretty smooth sailing. The actual day of the IUI was where all my drama was (NOTE: no one else I know has had such shitty IUI experience, for most it’s a breeze and I’m pretty sure after all we have been through now, an IUI doesn’t sound bad. )

On the day of my IUI, I thought that it was going to be super quick. I planned to go into work just a little late because my appt was at 6:30 AM. Nope. No. No. I was so wrong about the length of the appt. it ended up taking over an hour for them to clean the Sperm (which I had to bring in). I was crying in the office because…hormones.

Once I finally got into the exam room, it was just me and a nurse. A pregnant nurse 😠. Before we began she read the semen results to me. I can’t remember exact details but it was a super low count, less than 3% mobility. For some reason I thought the sperm spa treatment it got was going to improve it drastically, which it didn’t. I started crying again (hormones) and then said that there was no way it can work. The nurse told me that “anything is possible”… not exactly a huge vote of confidence.

I ended up laying on the table and letting them do to procedure. I cried all through it and was a general hot mess. It was crampy and they couldn’t find my cervix and was super uncomfortable. 

I was in a horrible mood for the rest of the day, but did pretty well during the 2ww. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work, but some tiny part of me held out hope. Needless to say, I went in for my pregnancy blood test and it was negative. Even though I thought I was going to be ok with it, I wasn’t. I ugly cried for about an hour at work. 

My advice to women having their first IUI:  

  1. Don’t go alone-bring your partner!
  2. Take the day off work 
  3. Treat yo self! You deserve love and kindness everyday but especially today. Be gentle with yourself!