I know this post is going to sound snarky.  My heart knows and understands my friends and how their life has changed as a mom. My core being respects that, but sometimes a girls gotta vent about those times when you are the infertity gal and everyone else is talking babies and breast pumps and potty training. 

I love my mom friends and I envy them. I love hearing about their kids, but I also loved them before they were moms and would love to have some quality time with those gals. The ones who could talk about work, clothes, politics, weather, the good ‘ol days, etc. 

It’s hard to be the one left out, when you so desperately wish to be in. So I am just asking you to think about us infertile ladies and change the Convo. Let’s talk about the world, the government, the weather, fashion, books, movies, etc.