HI all! I’m back to blog writing after a brief hiatus.  What has changed over the past few months? A LOT!

  • M is growing and we are thankful each day that he is in our lives.
  • M adoption was finalized!!
  • We moved!
  • We are working on selling our old condo
  • Some how someone hacked into this site, making me hesitant to write on it.
  • I’ve fallen off the yoga wagon (a longer post on this later)
  • I’ve gained a lot of weight and struggle with the desire to promote body postivty and accept myself the way I am or actively work to change (however, even when I am working to change it- nothing seems to work!!)
  • Constantly trying to figure out who I am and to find balance between myself as a mother and as my own person.

I would love to get more interaction on this blog! What things are changing for you at the moment?