Hello! So much to update and so many changes I would like to make. Learning how to set up a blog has definitely taken patience and a skill set I haven’t before! Basically my husband and I have stopped fertility treatments for the foreseeable future and have focused on the adoption process.  IVF and infertility is still something that has affected me greatly, so I would still like to write about my experiences. I also want to write about my journey towards wellness and optimal health (emotional, physical, mental, relational, etc.), yoga journey, and adoption process.  So, since this is the season of goal making and a new year/fresh start, here are my 2017 goals for this blog:

  1. 1-2 posts (or more!) per week
  2. Posts covering a variety of topics including: flashbacks to our experiences with IVF and our TTC journey, yoga reflections, health/wellness attempted/reflections, spirituality, adoption, self care, and whatever else this takes me.

Please let me know anything else you would love to read/connect with!