Hello! A few months ago, I began reading the book Meditations from the Mat.  The book explains the foundations of yoga, how it is integrated in the western and modern world, and how the teachings can apply to day to day life. I read the first section and when I finished, I realized I needed to read it again.  The first section explained the yoga Yamas, or the moral, ethical, and societal guidelines.  This is the beginning, the foundation. I want to make sure I have a clear understanding of the beginning before I move on!

As I reread the book, I want to discuss each “day” (chapter) with you! Please read along with me if you can get the book! I highly recommend it!! 

Today I reread Day 1, which basically introduces the book and also discusses why yoga had become to popular in recent years,despite being around for thousands of years! He therorizes that people are searching for something more during this highly  uncertain time; how to find grousing and stability during unstable times; quiet during the noise/chaos. 

I know that in my experience, those are all the same reasons I sought out yoga.   I had dabbled in yoga as a workout for a few years, but have been practicing consistently for 2 years.  This year, I have moved past just the physical aspects and tried to connect with the more spiritual side.  I crave the stillness yoga offers through movement, the focus on finding ease through challenging postires, and the connection between you and the universe. 

I look forward to sharing this book with you and how it relates to my experiences! 

Meditations from the mat