Hello all!
I recently just went back to work and knew I was going to miss my summer mornings. I listened to a blog post from “truth and dare: female empowerment” where they discussed morning routines and that inspired me to take another look at my morning routine.
In the past, I would often sleep in as late as I could and then rush around to get ready and then get to work as early as I could. After some reflection, I decided that I wanted to do yoga 2 mornings a week before work and then to wake up at the same time the other days and spend some time doing things that are meaningful to me. I think that will be writing blog posts, meditating, reading, watching the news (my favorite news group is on in the AM), journaling, and/or working on my side hustle business. As I try out these things, I will hopefully see which ones feed my soul most, and that might be different everyday. I really hope I just don’t let the “I’m so busy” trap get to me and make me think I should be the first one at work or I don’t have time for myself.

I would love to head about your morning routines? What do you make sure you do? What would you like to create more space for?