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Restorative yoga and announcement 

Lately, I have been taking a restorative yoga class, as I have been having awful foot pain and chronic back pain.  I have gone a few times and I love it.! Caterpillar pose and me are BFFs now.  For those… Continue Reading →

More of the OM

I’ve noticed that I have been talking a lot more of the “oven” aka fertility and less of the OM aka the yoga. So today=my OM Yoga has been a journey for me. On my mat I have encountered many… Continue Reading →

Flashbacks to my Infertility Story-part 1

2014: part 1- Our Journey Begins My Husband and I married in 2012 and waited until fall of 2013 to try to start a family.  I remember that I thought I was pregnant after the first month (spoiler alert-I wasn’t)…. Continue Reading →

I need to get my life right….and post more on the blog

I have been terrible about posting and it is something I want to be better at. I think that I feel that every post must be super long, when I know that is not the case. So please be patient… Continue Reading →

Why can self care be so hard?

I know there are many reasons why finding time for yourself is complicated. Work, responsibilities, events, family all take up a lot of time.  Also, I feel that there is a “busy” mentality that exists in our culture.  Being “busy”… Continue Reading →

This struggle is real…… and beautiful?

One of my favorite quotes (and future tattoo) has been about the arrow.  “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.  When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something… Continue Reading →

Its been a while… updates and goals for the blog

Hello! So much to update and so many changes I would like to make. Learning how to set up a blog has definitely taken patience and a skill set I haven’t before! Basically my husband and I have stopped fertility… Continue Reading →

Back in the OM

As mentioned in my earlier post, I went to my first hot yoga class today since beginning stims about a month ago.  Oh, how I missed it.  There is nothing better than getting back on your mat.  The instructor did… Continue Reading →


Another failed cycle.  It stings, it tears at your heart.  In the past, I would have pushed these feelings away and pretended that I was ok and had a “positive attitude.”  It has 3 years since we began our journey… Continue Reading →

Another Cycle Bites the Dust

I just heard from our doctor that our 3rd IVF cycle resulted in a negative pregnancy test.  How to I begin to explain how I am feeling.  I thought this was it. I thought that I was feeling all the… Continue Reading →

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