I’m on vacation and attended a great yoga studio in Hilton Head called Jiva yoga studio! I love the instructors and the studio vibe, but this AM my body was just not having it. Every pose felt like extra work and I never got into a good flow/rhythm. I felt frustrated with myself because I really liked the instructor and I wanted to give myself a good workout, but my body just wasn’t on the same page. 

 I tried to let go of  my frustrations and just listen to my body (easier said than done).  But the quote from Alexander and the terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day kept running in my head. “Some days are like that… even in Australia”.  Some days in life and yoga are just rough. It’s not the fault of the instructor or you or your body. That’s what I love about yoga so much, every trip to your mat is a new experience. Some days you nail the pose, other days you fall on your face. So many parallels to everyday life! How do you just let go and be where you are now? Breathe! Release! Let go of expectations and be present!

 And maybe I still need a cup of coffee before class…. 😉😴!