It’s complicated in some ways for me to share our story, as part of me wants to reflect and share on our past and another part wants to share with you where we are right now. So in a very “this is us” way, I am going to flashback and forwards and hopefully still make it easy to understand! 

Last August, my husband and I decided we were done with IVF and we’re going to persue domestic adoption.  I will flashback to that process at some point, but recently we had our actual home visit! For our agency this is one of the last steps you do before becoming a waiting family. 

I was so nervous leading up to this visit!! Was our Condo nice enough? Would it be clean enough? Would our dogs behave? I am such a people pleaser anyways and so the adoption approval process has been hard for me and really triggers my anxiety/limiting beliefs.  

In order to get ready, my husband and I drafted a long list of chores and started working on them 1-2 weeks before the visit.   We accomplished almost every goal we had (minus the one about training our dogs not to jump up to greet people… le sigh…). 

The morning of, I was so nervous and tried to read a few pages in “Outrageous Openness” to help center and connect myself with the universe.  When our counselor arrived, everything went fine! The dogs were their usual loveable and crazy selves, but it wasn’t an issue. We sat at our dining room table, had another interview, reviewed some paperwork, and then took them on a house tour where they checked our smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and that we had a fire extinguisher. 

We had a final conversation and it was time for them to go. The whole thing took about 2 hours. It definitely did not match the amount of anxiety I gave to it, reminding me again that anxiety is not a realistic thing. I hope I can continue to remind myself about that, but also feel free to Pause and express when I am feeling anxious.

I am excited that we are moving forward and am so excited for our light at the end of the tunnel-when we can finally meet our baby! It takes our counselor 1-2 months to complete our report, but then we are on the list!! 

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