One more day (and 1 hour and 40 min).  It is so nerve racking!!! I texted the birth parents 25 minutes ago to see if we could visit baby M today and they haven’t responded yet! I know a response in 25 minutes is silly, but when time goes by, I worry that maybe they have changed their minds.  Please please please text us back, birth parents!

We are slowly getting the house ready.  We are doing things that would be good to have done regardless of if we bring the baby home or not.  We are having the carpets steamed this morning and then getting the car cleaned later in the afternoon.  We are also working to set up the nursery a bit, in a gender neutral way, because in any situation, it would be good to have some things set up, as we now know that this could happen at any time.  But hopefully we will be doing these things for little baby M.

Omg, the birth parents just texted back!  :::::::exhale::::::::::: Hopefully we will go visit baby M later this afternoon.

Anywho, this afternoon we are also picking up some peel n stick wall paper for the nursery.  I originally wanted a wood paneled wall and wanted to use Stikwood. If you haven’t checked out Stikwood before, it looks SO cool, basically, it is really thin wood panels that just stick to your wall.  However, it is expensive, like $200 for 20 sqft.  Given our current circumstance (aka adoption fees) we are trying to save money whenever we can and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a wood wall (and we would need more than 20sqft).  So I did some research (by research, I mean did some Pinteresting) and found this peel n stick wallpaper from target that has the look of reclaimed wood. It got great reviews and I think will be a perfect fit for the room (link is at the bottom of page).  If it was just me applying it, I would be a little nervous because I wouldn’t call myself detail oriented (at all) and it would look like a hot mess.  However, my husband is the definition of detail oriented and I know he can peel n stick like a boss.

Back to the waiting, one thing I am very grateful for is the support and love we have received from family and friends.  The calls and check-in texts mean the world to me and have helped keep me sane.  The prayers, good vibes, and positive thoughts have helped keep me grounded and hopeful.  I really hope we bring baby M home to this wonderful community of people.

Target Peel and Stick Wallpaper